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Insurance Choice, Corporate Member of Australia and New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance
Corporate member of Internet Industry Association
PHILOSOPHY: Until an insurance product exists that has no exclusions in it relating to the exposures inherent to the risk being insured,then our advice role will remain an essential ingredient to the protection of insureds.

Unique Offerings:
LabSure: Professional Indemnity Insurance for testing Laboratories including medical testing, biological classes and chemical testing, asbestos, mould, etc.
EnviroSure: Professional Indemnity Insurance for Environmental Practitioners whose business exposures may include asbestos, site contamination, pollution, toxic mould, bodily injury, property damage (loss of use of property), closure of premises, etc. EnviroSure was designed to cover the very risks that most PI policies actually excluded. When you purchase EnviroSure, you will find that it is probably broader than the PI cover actually held by your insurance broker. EnviroSure it!
IT Sure: Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT companies. (We can provide terms using the application form of any leading Insurer).
IP Sure: IP Sure: Intellectual Property Rights Insurance has long been overlooked as an insurable exposure and misunderstood by those who think registering intellectual property is protection in itself (Click here to view details)
A lot can be learned from associations and their members.
A good example is that of the Internet Industry Association ( In 1998 when the PI market was dominated by FAI/HIH no other insurer wished to provide PI cover for IT companies. Meetings with disgruntled business owners led to research of their "collective" and the IIA was shortly recognised as the key to provide much sought after industry news to demystify the risk exposures inherent in IT. Promoting a more transparent risk exposure to all insurers, resulted in 8 new insurer "entrants" within 12 months of promotion.
Professional Indemnity Insurance for members of ABSA (Association of Building Sustainability Assessors)
Probably the most important achievement to date is EnviroSure. EnviroSure by all standards has been created with the support of a number of industry environmental practitioners from various related associations who have expressed their desire to see a true industry competitor emerge. EnviroSure offers a true price and coverage advantage which can be negotiated at the point of sale. EnviroSure is also an expression of interest in the protection of our environment using insurance as a risk management tool through education, technology, resources, innovation and networking.
Other Insurance:
Other General Insurance Placement: We can also assist in othergeneral insurance covers eg Business Packs, Public and Products Liability, Directors & Officers Insurance, Loss Of License Insurance.

Anthony Saunders, principal, is a specialist in environmental risk exposure and analysis. As a claims adviser in the Coramba hydrocarbon contamination, the importance of maintaining balanced, fair and equitable guidance is second to none when a SRoH is ever present.

EnviroSure clients can obtain claims management advice and instruction all under this unique service.

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